Selected Writing

Features and personal essays

The Story of Us for British Vogue, first published in the May 2018 issue, later published online
Vagina Dialogues, published in ES Magazine
How London’s IVF postcode lottery makes infertility even more painful, published in ES Magazine
We need to rethink how we teach young people about sex and female pleasure, Refinery29
What, actually, is a hymen?, Elle
Why do we fancy The Hot Priest in Fleabag?, The Irish Times
Mourning the loss of intense female friendships, The Pool
The strange sweetness of making a late discovery in life, The Pool
Making friends as a grown-up might mean having a messier house – but it’s worth it, The Pool

Opinion and news

Alongside Alabama, we must care about abortion rights in the UK,
It’s a “vulva”, not a “vagina”– and that matters, The Guardian
A scar doesn’t make a villain, The Guardian
#HomeToVote – and watching Irish women boarding planes to Repeal the 8th, The Pool
Janelle Monáe’s pink pussy pants are a glorious vision, The Pool
The dire consequences when teenage girls are taught to prioritise boys, The Pool
It’s a strange time to be an Irish woman, wherever you are, The Pool
Did Generation Snowflake kill Ab Fab?, The Pool
Carrie Fisher and the fear of the older woman, The Pool
#freethenipple, Instagram and puritanism for The Independent

Culture and Celebrity Interviews

Zadie Smith on Donald Trump’s win and her latest novel Swing Time, The Pool
Katie Mitchell on Shakespeare’s “execrable” gender politics, The Pool  
Meryl Streep talks Hollywood double standards (and calls me a good girl), The Pool 
Pussy Riot’s Maria Alyokhina truly understands freedom and choice, The Irish Times
Tina Brown on manhattan parties, Harvey Weinstein and editing Vanity Fair, The Pool
Photographer Esther Teichmann’s affecting portraits, Never Underdressed
Gemma Chan on roles for Asian actors, Never Underdressed
Video Interview: Marina Abramović on ageing, art and a woman’s right to choose , The Pool


Kenzo and Twin Peaksm, Man About Town
Meeting Katie Hillier, Stylist
When everyone is wearing the same dress as you,The Pool
Portobello Market keeps west London cool, Never Underdressed